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Success Stories

We're pleased to highlight some of our patients' "Success Stories" where chiropractic care has greatly improved the quality of their lives! Chiropractic care can help with a variety of pain and discomfort ... such as highlighted below. 


Gail F. of Middletown, NJ:

Prior to being treated by Dr. Kaiser, I had been suffering from seasonal allergies since 1983. I have been a patient of Dr. Kaiser's for a couple of years. Although I run into a short bout of allergy issues every Christmas when I visit relatives in Pennsylvania, I am basically allergy free the rest of the year. Coming to Dr. Kaiser has been the best thing for my allergy relief. If you don't believe me, ask me the next time you run into me at Dr. Kaiser's office. I am a faithful and THANKFUL patient ... THANKS DR. KAISER!!!

Terri B. of Jackson, NJ:

Suffering from severe sinus congestion, I tried all the home remedies, e.g., nasal sprays, sinus medication and irrigation to drain my sinus cavities, but nothing was working. In fact, I had to sleep sitting up, as every time I put my head down, I couldn't breathe through my nose.

As I was speaking to a friend about it, he mentioned that his daughter also had sinus problems. He told me that the last time he saw her she remarked that her sinus problems had all but disappeared since she had started getting chiropractic adjustments for another issue un-related to her sinus condition.

A few days later, still suffering from congestion, I was telling my girlfriend about my conversation regarding my friend's daughter's sinus condition and how chiropractic adjustments seemed to ease her condition. My girlfriend told me she used to get allergy shots up until after she started getting chiropractic adjustments. Since then she no longer needs the shots and highly recommended the adjustments. I told her that I was still a little skeptical, but that I would think about making an appointment. She then said that she was going for an adjustment at Kaiser Chiropractic that day and asked me if I wanted to go with her. I said OK, and boy was I glad I did.

I explained my problem to Dr. Brent Kaiser regarding the sinus congestion. He said that yes, some people have told him that their congestion was relieved by chiropractic adjustments, but he couldn't guarantee that it would help me but if I wanted to he could give me an adjustment and we could see if it offered relief. After the adjustment I felt some relief, but was still somewhat congested. But by the time I got home at around 5:30 PM my sinus cavities started to drain and I couldn't believe how much better I felt in just two hours. For the first time in weeks (maybe even months) I was able to breathe freely and get a good night's sleep. I can honestly say that had I not gone to Dr. Kaiser that afternoon I would have suffered another sleepless night. In addition, the adjustments have relieved the tendonitis in my neck and arms and ended the tingling in my hands at night.


Lori M. of Colts Neck, NJ:

If you are a sufferer of headaches, you know how debilitating they can be. I have suffered most of my life from headaches, mostly hormonal, and they can last for days with no relief no matter what I did. I have been a patient of Dr. Kaiser's for quite a while for other things, never thinking to mention that I suffer from headaches.

One day I was in so much pain and a friend said why don't you see what Dr. Kaiser can do. I had one session with him and now I very rarely suffer from headaches anymore. It was nothing short of a miracle! I highly recommend Dr. Kaiser for whatever ails you!


Dmitri R. & Family of Middletown, NJ:

Soon after starting chiropractic care with Dr. Kaiser, my family's health noticeably improved. Besides myself, my wife and two children also see Dr. Kaiser and we are all feeling more energetic and rarely get sick. I think the claim that chiropractic care improves your immune system really has merit.

Dr. Kaiser's doors are always open and he always has time when my family needs extra adjustments or soft tissue work. We truly appreciate everything Dr. Kaiser has done in keeping our family healthy!

Karin C. & Family of Lincroft, NJ:

Kaiser Chiropractic is an extremely friendly and welcoming office. My four children and I have been going there for three years and have never been healthier. The office is one that my children look forward to walking into.

When other families are struggling with strep throat or stomach bugs, we rarely get even a cold. The muscle soreness/sports injuries are quickly addressed by Dr. Kaiser through Chiropractic and recommended exercises. We know when we walk out of the office, we are going to feel better. Dr. Kaiser is wonderful!


Keith M. of Ocean, NJ:

There are so few corrective chiropractors. It's great to be under the care of one that is. Dr. Kaiser is knowledgable, reasonable, understanding, friendly and skilled.

I have minor scoliosis and had a "military" neck. Dr. Kaiser gave me excellent treatment and entrusted me to perform exercises and stretches on my own to supplement his care. I feel great coming from his treatments and my quality of life is improved partly due to his care. Exercise, proper nutrition and rest also play their roles. I recommend Dr. Kaiser to all my friends, family and personal training clients ... you should too. 


Emerson A. of Lincroft, NJ:

As a 55 year old man I've been to chiropractors off and on for almost 25 years and I considered the care to have been good, with good success. I began seeing Dr. Brent Kaiser for pain and loss of range of motion in my neck. I was happy to see how thorough Dr. Kaiser was in his examination and in his explanations of what was wrong and how he could fix it. He took plenty of time to help me understand what was causing the problems, as well as what could be done to avoid problems in the future. When treatment was finished, what surprised me most was how easy it was to look around while driving!

Dr. Kaiser is the only chiropractor I've been to that incorporates traction into his treatments. Again, after he explains the reasoning it makes so much sense that it's hard for me to imagine why no other doctor discussed it, or used it. I've also had 'Manipulation Under Anesthesia' with Dr. Kaiser due to significant leg and hip pain. Not only did it fix the leg / hip pain but also improved range of motion in my whole body.

Dr. Kaiser's treatment extends beyond just the adjustments he does as a chiropractor. His personality as well as the atmosphere in his office is healing by itself. He is resourceful, knowledgeable, patient and honest with my medical care; because of this I now consider him my first stop for medical treatment.

Julianne R. of Red Bank, NJ:

Being an active person, I am quite hard on my body... even after being in a traffic accident in 1999 you couldn't keep me down. I did, however, have scar tissue build-up or adhesions mainly in my neck, shoulder and hip. After meeting Dr. Kaiser and learning about the benefits of 'Manipulation Under Anesthesia' (MUA), I went online, did some research and went back to Dr. Kaiser with my questions. He answered every single one in detail and in laymens terms so that I understood and knew what to expect from the three-day procedure.

After the first day I was a little know, like when you work out for the first time...nothing major. The second and third day went according to plan and all the staff at the medical center made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I continued with my follow-up visits and have recovered some lost range of motion and of all, I feel great!

If you are thinking surgery is the only answer, I recommend you talk to Dr. Kaiser first. He will let you know if you are a candidate for the MUA procedure.

Michael S. of Manahawkin, NJ:

I have been receiving chiropractic care since I was a very young child. My mom would take us to the chiropractor to get adjusted as a wellness approach to our family healthcare. I always enjoyed getting adjusted from a young age but it was once I began working heavy construction as a dock builder that I saw the most results.

I would suffer from neck pain, low back pain, headaches and numbness in my hands. Dr. Kaiser helped me with all of these symptoms. He would always adjust my spine, stretch and relax my muscles and traction me to improve my posture. He had me feeling great up to the point when I was involved in two consecutive car accidents within three months.

The amount of trauma through my job as a dock builder and the combined effect of the car accidents had left me at a point where adjustments would always make me feel better but the symptoms would always come back after a few weeks. Dr. Kaiser had mentioned to me that he performed adjustments under anesthesia in cases where typical chiropractic care wasn't working.

I decided to undergo a Manipulation Under Anesthesia. Let's just say I have never felt so great in my life. My flexibility is phenomenal from my calf muscles, hamstrings, low-back muscles and all the way down to my elbows and wrists (they had been in excruciating pain following the car accidents). I was completely pain free. Everything feels great today! I would recommend this procedure to anybody that has suffered with pain and stiffness that just never seemed to completely go away.

I've recommended my closest family and friends to see Dr. Kaiser and they have all been just as pleased with his professionalism and his ability to get people better.

Brian G. of Bradley Beach, NJ:

I received the Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure from Dr. Kaiser over a year ago. The main reason I decided to have the procedure done was the fact that I had been suffering with numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers. I also had pain in my entire spine. I have a job that requires lots of intensive physical work and I didn't see things getting any better as I got older.

I immediately got relief from all of my symptoms. The flexibility I have throughout my entire spine and especially through my legs is surprising. I can bend forward and put my palms on the ground without any tightness in my legs or back. I think that is pretty good for a guy that is over six feet tall and weighs over 200 lbs.

The best part about the procedure is that I feel like it is still benefiting me a year later. I continue to feel more movement throughout my spine. In the words of Dr. Kaiser, "motion induces more motion". It is a year later and I keep wondering how long this feeling can last.


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